Heart of the Community


Heather Morgan - [email protected]
Ron Morgan - [email protected]

The following is information that was shared during the Heart of the Community report at mid-year conference. This details how the Moose prioritizes and values the core initiatives and companion initiatives that are part of the Heart of the Community (HOC) wheel, shown above. We believe that all HOC efforts are valuable, but you will receive additional consideration on your HOC quarterly reports by following the guidelines below.

Reminder: community service is the FIRST point in the Moose mission, even before Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Community service is a requirement to keep our 501c status. This information is derived directly from the HOC reports submitted. It’s important to provide both monetary help and “hands-on” service.

Inner Circle = Core Initiatives
Mid Circle = Companion Initiatives
Outer Circle = Local Volunteering

Point system for quarterly HOC reports are as follows:


• Core Initiatives 5 points each
• Companion Initiatives 3 points each
• Local Volunteer Services 2 points each


• Superior 30 or more points
• Excellent 20 or more points
• Good 10 or more points
• No Grade less than 10 points
• No Activity 0 points