Happy May everyone,

My prayers are with all of you and your families during this tough time. I understand how scary and crazy the world is right now so I am choosing to focus on the positive. I wanted to share some ideas of positive Moose impacts you could be making without walking out your door. 

Does your lodge or chapter have a Sunshine child or grandparent? Now would be the perfect time to write them a personalized letter giving them a chance to get to know you better. This is also true for an older member who doesn't make it out to the lodge very much anymore. Use a few of the ample moments you have right now to make someone feel special.  If you love to bake drop a dozen or so goodies off with your local ER staff, they are working tirelessly but please do not go inside. If your lodge or chapter can afford it buy some gift cards for coffee to give to some essential workers. Pick up the phone and call each of your members to see how they are doing. It may take a while to call them all but it is way more personal than an email and it would mean the world to him/her. 

These small things will go so far as to helping someone during this rough time. While we are not inside of our lodges I would ask that you consider sending Moose Charities a check for your endowment fund that you have not been able to give. If you would normally attend a weekly event at your lodge donate the money that you would have spent. Again these little things go really far. 

Please be safe everyone and keep looking on the sunshiny side of life. 

Rebecca Hoffarth 

Deputy Grand Regent