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Moose Charities Announces a New Campaign for Moosehaven

Every member of WSNIMA should be proud of their giving spirit.  We just finished a $40,000+ project for the MAC Center and $20,000 to bring the girls out to Washington in the near future.  Thank you for your generosity.

Moose Charities has just announced the "Always Active At Moosehaven" project, or AAA for short.  This project will replace the New York State Sports Complex at Moosehaven.  The target goal is $10,000,000.  WSNIMA will have our fair share of that to raise, and we will do it with pride.  The building will include a bowling alley, an indoor therapeutic pool, shuffleboard areas, dart boards, card rooms, and a beverage bar.

More details are coming soon.  Let's Make it Happen for our Seniors at Moosehaven.



Each and every time you pay your dues, donate directly to, or raise money for Moose Charities, you make it possible to take care of these kids that live in the house with our name.  On behalf of a grateful fraternity and association, thanks for being a member and giving of your time and substance so these children have a great quality of life, an education, and most importantly, a bright future.  You make a difference.  Never forget that.