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2022 Mid-Year Conference Photos

2022 Pilgrims

2022 Pilgrims

WSNIMA Pilgrim Class of 2022

From left to right:

Cliff Pederson - Peninsula 2362
Roy Pennington - Bellingham 493
Will Trottier - Moscow 871
Jim Hurst - Nisqually Valley 1905

We are very proud of our newest Pilgrim Degree holders!

WSNIMA Lodges showed a combined membership gain from 9,144 to 9,192 members in 2021-2022!.
WSNIMA Moose Legion membership grew from 451 members to 485.  Thanks to all sponsors and membership committees.  It has been a LONG time.

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You Are Moving Our WSNIMA Moose Charities Projects Closer to Completion

Every member of WSNIMA should be proud of their giving spirit.  We are currently raising $40,000.00 to help build the Mooseheart Activity Center (MAC).  You can do a virtual fly-through of the project on YouTube here.  We have currently raised over $31,000.00 for the MAC.  If you would like to learn more about and/or make a donation to the project, you can do so here.  Click on the "Donate Today to the MAC Project" button on the page.  Make sure to write "Please credit to the WSNIMA MAC project" in the special instruction box so it will go toward our project total and also be credited to you individually.

We are also raising $20,000.00 to bring the WSNIMA Girls back to Washington/Idaho as soon as we have completed the campaign and it is safe for them to travel without restrictions.  We have raised over $16,800.00 to make this happen.  If you'd like to donate to this project, you can do so at our conventions and conferences, or by mailing a check to Moose Charities.  Just be sure to put "WSNIMA Girls Trip" in the memo blank of the check, and send it to:

Moose Charites
155 S. International Dr.
Mooseheart, IL 60539

We keep running totals of both of these projects on our Moose Charities Page.  Thank you for your generosity and for caring about our kids and seniors.


Each and every time you pay your dues, donate directly to, or raise money for Moose Charities, you make it possible to take care of these kids that live in the house with our name.  On behalf of a grateful fraternity and association, thanks for being a member and giving of your time and substance so these children have a great quality of life, an education, and most importantly, a bright future.  You make a difference.  Never forget that.