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Each and every time you pay your dues, donate directly to, or raise money for Moose Charities, you make it possible to take care of these kids that live in the house with our name.  On behalf of a grateful fraternity and association, thanks for being a member and giving of your time and substance so these children have a great quality of life, an education, and most importantly, a bright future.  You make a difference.  Never forget that.


International Open House Day – October 24th

Moose International has designated Saturday, October 24, 2020 as “International Open House Day” for lodge homes throughout the Fraternity.  This date corresponds closely with Founder’s Day (October 27th), which celebrates the birth of James J. Davis, the driving force who brought purpose and meaning to the Fraternity during its earliest stages.  

All lodges and chapters are encouraged to conduct events that will bring friends, family and local residents in touch with the Moose, our lodge homes, and the work we do on behalf of children, seniors and our communities. Additionally, lodges and chapters that conduct an Open House on this day may use the event as one of their activities for Member Retention Week.  Simply indicate your participation on your form following Retention Week. 

The General Governor’s Office has issued a blanket dispensation for all lodges and chapters to hold events on that day that are open to the public, as long as the Moose’s general guidelines for public events are followed.  Alcohol may or may not be served, based on the structure of the event, but cannot be sold to members or non-members during the event.  Lodges and chapters should refer to Section 46.13 of the General Laws for guidelines to public events, such as Open Houses.  

**Note, if October 24th is unavailable to conduct an Open House, the blanket dispensation allows lodges and chapters to hold the event a week later, which is Saturday, October 31st 

Please check the Moose International website periodically for information pertaining to this coordinated Open House initiative at www.mooseintl.org. 

Open House VS Open to the Public

In reference to the blanket dispensations issued by the General Governor to host an Open House Event; PLEASE do not plan your event under the guidelines of having an Event “Open to the Public” – there is a major difference in these events. 

First and foremost –lodges should refer to the General Laws – Section 46.13 to understand Open House Events – the type event covered by the “blanket dispensation”.  In this Open House Event the lodge will NOT be able to charge for any products or activities – so this is NOT an opportunity to produce income.  The Open House Event is a great way to showcase the Moose fraternity and the offerings and good deeds of the local lodge.  

If you are planning to host an Open to the Public Event, wherein you will offer products for sale and/or have a door charge to enjoy entertainment – then you will need to obtain a Dispensation from the General Governor. Please contact your Territory Manager should you have any questions.

Member Retention Week materials are available on our website and can be accessed through Forms & Documents/Membership/Member Retention Week Materials. Printed materials will not be mailed automatically, but are available, upon request, by contacting Member Services at 630.906.3658 or [email protected]. This week long program should be embraced by the membership, as it is their week to focus on the fraternal aspects of the fraternity.  Remember, four events held during this week will make your lodge/chapter eligible for cash prizes!