Executive Committee

Title Name Email
President Suzanne Dinning [email protected]
Vice President Hilton Ross Winters [email protected]
Chaplain Dan Barnhart [email protected]
Jr. Past President Dave Jonason [email protected]
Treasurer Fred McHenry [email protected]
Secretary John Mangiantini

International Appointments

Title Name Email
Regional Manager Norm Dean [email protected]
Territory Manager/Liason Duane Lusby [email protected]
Chairman of Board of Directors Paul Curtis [email protected]
Intl Moose Legion Jr. Past Pres. John Prough [email protected]
Grand Council Member Suzanne Dinning [email protected]
Mooseheart Board of Directors John Mangiantini [email protected]
Mooseheart Board of Directors Rebecca Hoffarth [email protected]
Supreme Outer Guard Ron Morgan [email protected]
Deputy Grand Regent Mary Boyd [email protected]
Moose Legion Ambassador Christopher Jones [email protected]

Chapter Advocate

Suzanne Dinning [email protected]

District Presidents

Title Name Email
District 1 Sue Williams [email protected]
District 2 Mike Green [email protected]
District 3 Ed Taylor [email protected]
District 4 Lota Ross [email protected]
District 5 Kathy Burton [email protected]
District 6 Cindy Southard-Kuebler [email protected]
District 7 Stephanie Thomas [email protected]

Committee Chairs

Title Name Email
Activities Faith Lusby [email protected]
Audit Lota Ross [email protected]
Audio/Visual Coord. Brian Walther [email protected]
Bright Star Awards Bonnie Walther [email protected]
By-Laws Mary Taylor [email protected]
Communications Carole Swan [email protected]
Conventions Brian Walther [email protected]
CHD President Barbara Prough [email protected]
Government Relations Mary Taylor [email protected]
Heart of Community Heather Morgan

[email protected]

Higher Degrees John Prough [email protected]
History Delaine Harold [email protected]
Loss Prevention Robert Isom [email protected]
Membership Doug Richmond [email protected]
Moose Charities Geri Winters [email protected]
Training/Loss Prevention Bob Isom [email protected]t
Ways & Means Ron Morgan

[email protected]

Youth Awareness Rebecca Hoffarth

[email protected]

Safe Surfin Cindy Hollenbeck

[email protected]