Heart of the Community

Washington State Northern Idaho Moose Association is proud to be at the Heart of our Communities. Every convention and mid-year conference we will have a project that our members can rally behind and support the local community in which we hold our meetings. The current project our officers and chairs have chosen to support is WSNIMA Buddy Bags. Our goal is raise monies to support this worthy cause as well as donations. The goal for this has been set at $3000. We will be working with students from Washington State University, and with the Washington Department of Health and Human Services to help the children in the Tri-Cities. When a child is removed from a home, for whatever reason, many do not have the opportunity to place their belongings in a bag. Most of the time it is a garbage bag. No child should ever feel that they are like trash. Help us provide a bag, hygiene kit, blanket, Tommy Moose, and a positive note to these children. Thank you for your support. Your contributions and dedication to service in our communities is greatly appreciated. You are the reason a child can smile. You are the ones who have promised to do some good today. Thank you for your efforts. 

Heart of Community $3,000.00